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The Fiduca is a high-specification folding camera made by Contessa-Nettel in about 1922,[1] for plates or film-packs in 6.5x9 cm and 9x12 cm sizes. It is metal-bodied with leather covering, and has double-extension bellows. The advertisement at Collection Appareils only offers the 6.5x9 camera with an f/6.3 or f/4.5 Tessar and a Compur shutter. The larger camera is offered with an f/5.4 Steinheil Teronar and Compur; Zeiss and Goerz lenses were available on request.[1] The advertisement offers geared front rise and shift in both sizes of the camera; however, two examples of the 6.5x9 camera do not appear to have geared shift, and have a double-anastigmat lens (arguably better equipment than a Tessar, for a double-extension camera).[2][3]


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