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The FED 5 (often marked in cyrillic, with several variations of font, ФЭД 5 {upper-case} or фэд 5 {lower-case}) is a 35mm rangefinder camera produced by the FED factory in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov from 1977 until 1990. It features an uncoupled selenium light meter with a single range of sensitivity. It came equipped with the Industar-61 L/D 53mm f/2.8 standard lens incorporating the rare-earth element lanthanum and a focal-plane shutter with speeds from 1s to 1/500s + B, flash sync up to 1/30s and a self-timer.

The FED 5 is an updated FED 4, with cleaner lines to the top, a pop-up rewind knob in place of the thumb-wheel, a hot shoe, restyled film reminder/frame counter and meter rings, and the meter scale repositioned and converted from a match-needle to an EV-scaled device where the user manually transfers the meter reading to the calculator.


As with other Soviet-era rangefinders, the shutter-speed selector rotates when the shutter is released, and this should not be changed until after the shutter has been cocked. If you change the shutter speed before you cock the shutter first, the setting pin can be broken when you advance the film and cock the shutter.


The FED 5 (F220) was made from 1977-c.1990. Variants of this model include:

FED 5B (F2110, made from 1975-1990) Similar to the FED 5 but without light meter.

FED 5C/5S (F230, 1977-1990; Cyrillic C is equivalent to a Roman S) An economy model of the FED 5, without diopter adjustment, but with a bright-line non parallax corrected finder.