Cosina CS-1

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The Cosina CS-1 is a rather compact, full-featured, manual-exposure 35mm SLR introduced by Cosina in 1978.[1] It accepts K mount lenses.

It is based around a horizontally-traveling cloth focal plane shutter with speeds electronically timed from 4s to 1/1000 plus B. Unlike many later Cosina models, this limits Flash sync speed to 1/60 second. It features an open aperture TTL center-weighted metering system using two CdS cells, with three indicator LEDs in the viewfinder (red over- and under-exposure arrows flanking a green dot for correct exposure). The viewfinder also includes a semicircular scale indicating the currently-set shutter speed. The meter has a range of 2 to 19 EV at (ASA 100), settable to film speeds from 25 to 3200 ASA. It requires two 1.5v SR44 batteries: after a half-press on the shutter release, one of the viewfinder LEDs will light if their voltage is sufficient.

The CS-1 self-timer is electronic with a delay of approx 10 seconds, with a front-facing countdown LED. The rewind release is tucked alongside the wind lever rather than on the camera baseplate.

While primarily intended for manual exposure, a quirky accessory called Cosina AEC adapter is able to add aperture-preferred automatic exposure mode, mounting onto the hot shoe and connecting to the "A" terminal above the regular PC socket. This attachment is able to twist the shutter speed dial to the metered setting using its own battery-powered motor. (The Cosina CS-2 and CS-3 offer much more conventional autoexposure in a similar body style.) A Cosina auto-winder accessory was also available for the camera.


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