Corfield 66

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The Corfield 66 is a 6x6 format single lens reflex, introduced in Great Britain by Corfield (the makers of the Periflex) in 1961 at a price of £76.

The Corfield 66 has a focal plane shutter from 1/10 to 1/500. It accepts 120 film in rollfilm backs, and has an interchangeable lens with a special bayonet mount, but the only lens ever made for it is the standard Corfield Lumax 95mm f/3.5. The known accessories are a grip and extension tubes, in 12mm, 24mm and 48mm lengths.

Fewer than 300 bodies were made before Corfield stopped making cameras, and eventually closed down.

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  • John E. Lewis (1985), It's by Corfield. It must be good. The Periflex Story, p. 79-84, 96.