Contax RX

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The Contax RX is a single lens reflex camera body with auto exposure modes and the Contax/Yashica MM lens mount. It was made in 1994 by Japanese camera maker Kyocera. It has an extremely versatile electromechanical shutter with speeds vom 16 seconds to 1/4000 seconds. The camera supports aperture-priority auto exposure, shutter speed-priority auto exposure, programmed auto exposure, manual exposure, TTL auto flash control, and manual flash control as shooting modes. TTL-metering is switchable from center-weighted to spot. The focusing aid is based on a built-in TTL phase difference detection system, with EV 2 to 20 luminosity range, and "focus found" indicated by the digital focus signal in the viewfinder. It has automatic film load and advance, self-timer, AE-lock, and shutter speed automatically set in flash-photography with dedicated flashguns for the camera system.