Click II

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The Click II and Click I were simple non-focusing cameras for 6x6 images on 120 film.

The Click was yet another cheap Agfa camera designed for the masses, with a one-speed shutter and a few simple aperture options. Unlike its 6x9 brother the Clack, it was completely constructed out of plastic making it quite vulnerable to damage. (If you drop a Click, it will most likely break.) The main differences between the Clack and the Click is the lens: the Clack has a lens of f11 - f16 while the Click has a f8.8 -f11 lens. The Click is 6x6 camera (opposed to the 6x9 of the Clack) and thus is a little more economic. The Click lacks the Clack's socket for a cable release, and it's a mystery why Agfa decided to drop this feature. The Click II had an two-element achromat lens, while the cheaper Click I version had a simple meniscus. The images from the Click II are not bad for such a simple camera.



One shutter speed (about 1/30th)

Three lens settings:

4m/13ft - Inf with sunny or cloudy (f11 and f8?)

2.5m/8f - 4m/13ft (remains at f8)

Tripod mounting socket in base.