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The Certo-matic is a medium format camera made by Certo from about 1960.[1]

There are 2 versions which differ mainly in the frontcover of the top. The 1st version has a flat window in front of the lightmeters selenium cell and no coat of arms shield, the 2nd version has a bubbled window and a coat of arms shield on the front left.[2]

It was also sold by Wirgin as the Electro-AUTA.[1]

The shutter has 2 modes, "B" and "Auto". In Auto mode the aperture has to be set to the lightmeter needle (match needle method). First the correct film sensitivity has to be set.
It has a manual film transport by way of a knob on the top left hand side and visual check through a ruby red window in the back.


  • Production : 1st version from 1960 to 1961, 2nd version 1962-1965.[2]
  • Format : 12 exposures of 6 x 6 cm on 120 type rollfilm.
  • Shutter : shutter with B and "Auto" (c.1/60 sec).
  • Lens : Probably the same as on the Certo-phot, an Achromat 1:8 / 75mm. [3]
  • Aperture : 8 till 16. Set by way of the knob on the top right hand side.
  • Filter Size : ?
  • Light meter : Selenium cell.
  • Exposure setting : Film sensitivity range ASA 25 - 160 (DIN 15 - 23),
    Match-needle setting method, shutter priority .
  • Focus system : By turning the Frontlens.
  • Flash synchronisation : Sync socket on side of shutter.
  • Dimensions WxHxD : 13x10x8 cm.
  • Weight: 400 grams.


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