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Camerapedia was founded under URL in 2004 by User:Lbstone. He found a community for this wiki site which put things on the right track for creating a serious resource about cameras, camera lenses and accessories. User:Rebollo_fr became the main author, giving the encyclopdia a strong focus on Japanese cameras and its makers. In 2006 The Flickr group Camerapedia was founded to collect camera portraits as high-bandwidth illustration resource for the wiki.

The whole story was written by Rebollo_fr in his user page: Camerapedia nostalgia.

In January 2011 Lbstone was still owner of the URL but already had negociated the sale of the URL without informing anyone else of the wiki project community before he got the money. This was a seriuous communication fault. Wikia company, the commercial arm of Jimmy Wales' wiki businesses (Isn't the Wikimedia Foundation, officially Wales' noncommercial wiki business, commercially successful as richly funded organization, a commercial arm too?) bought the URL and made out of it a plain redirect to its camerapedia copy .