Cambo TWR 54

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The TWR 54 is a view camera for 4x5-inch film. It was made by the Dutch company Cambo from 1972.[1] Cambo describe the camera as a twin-lens reflex, but it has no internal mirror. The camera comprises two parallel bellows, one carrying the 'viewing' or focusing lens and the other the 'taking' lens. A ground-glass screen is fitted to the rear of one bellows, and the dark-slide holder to the other. The ground glass can be swapped for a reflex viewer, allowing the image to be viewed in a vertical eyepiece. This can be rotated on the camera for pictures in vertical orientation.[2]

The camera was offered with 150, 210 or 270 mm lenses. The body of the camera is mostly of a light (aluminium or magnesium) alloy and weighs 3 kg.[3]


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