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The Belmira was an astounding camera, as astounding as the viewfinder cameras of the Belca-Werk in East-Germany.
It has a big viewfinder with superimposed rangefinder, and the rangefinder has an impressive measurement base of 8 centimetres! The rangefinder is coupled to the lens' focusing ring and, for parallax correction, to the viewfinder.
The lens is typically a 2.8/50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar or a 2.9/50mm Meyer Trioplan.
The leaf shutter is a Vebor with speeds from 1 sec. up to 1/250 sec. and B. The shutter has to be cocked with a sliding lever before each shot.

The Belmira was introduced by Belca in 1953 but production did not start until 1956. In 1957 Welta took over the production of this camera. The later model has a "keyhole" shaped rangefinder window.