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The Baldalux folding camera was made by Balda in the 1950s. It is a 6x9 folder using 120 roll film, with a mask for 6x4.5 pictures. The Baldalux has frame lines in the viewfinder to indicate the 6x4.5 format. It also has a brilliant finder mounted to the lens which can be rotated 90 degrees for both horizontal and vertical pictures. The camera has double exposure indication on the top plate, which shows 'O' for unexposed, and 'E' for exposed.


  • Type 120 6x9 folding camera.
  • Size 162 mm x 90 mm x 40 mm (closed), 162 mm x 90 mm x 130 mm (open, W x H x D).
  • Image Format 60 x 90 mm, 60 x 45 mm with mask (H x W).
  • Lens Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar, 105 mm f1:4.5.
  • Diaphragm F/4.5 continuously adjustable to f/32.
  • Shutter Prontor S.
  • Focusing Manual scale focusing 3.5ft - infinity.
  • Shutter Speeds 1/250 second, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25, 1/10, 1/5, 1/2, 1s B.
  • Viewfinder Direct finder with lines for 6x4.5 mask, brilliant finder adjustable for vertical/horizontal formats.
  • Film Loading Manual, with flip out spool holder.
  • Film Transport Manual wind knob with double exposure indication.
  • Flash Contact PC socket/accessory shoe.
  • Tripod Socket 1/4 in.