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Baby Lynx

The Baby Lynx is a 35mm viewfinder camera launched by the French maker Pontiac in 1948[1] The camera body is cast from aluminium (McKeown notes that aluminium was one material not in short supply in France during the War[2]), with leatherette covering. It has a fixed lens, usually a Berthiot Flor 50 mm f/3.5 or f/2.8 with front-cell focusing, and a Prontor II leaf shutter with speeds to 1/200 or 1/250 second,[3] or a Prontor S to 1/300 second. The very last bodies have the Flor 50/3.5 on an Atos 2 shutter to 1/250 with Pontiac Baby Lynx written on the shutter, and brown leather covering. One example has been observed at an eBay auction with a Boyer Saphir 50/3.5 and a Prontor II shutter with speeds 1 - 1/200 second. This lens variant is also mentioned by P-H Pont. A cheaper variant called Baby Standard is reported, with a Roussel Trylor 50/3.9 three-element lens on a Pronto shutter from 1/25 to 1/200.

The lens tube collapses into the camera body when not in use. The camera was the least well-specified and least expensive of the Lynx and Super Lynx cameras; both the Lynx II (also of 1948) and the Super Lynx have a focal-plane shutter.

The Baby Lynx has a reverse-Galilean viewfinder built into the top housing. Also on the top is a frame counter, separate from the winding knob; advancing the film does not cock the shutter.

Production of the camera moved to Morocco in 1951 and stopped in 1954 when the Pontiac company ceased trading.


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