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The Azur are folding 6x9 cm cameras for 120 film, sold by the French distributor Boumsell in around 1948.[1] Advertisements for the camera describe between three and five models,[2] including:[3]

  • Azur Standard, with a Nicor meniscus lens and 4-speed shutter
  • Azur V, with a Boyer Topaz f/4.5 lens and 4-speed shutter
  • Azur B luxe, with a Boyer Topaz f/4.5 coated lens and 4-speed shutter

Collection Appareils shows three models of the Azur, with different lenses and shutters, not corresponding completely with these descriptions (individual model names are not given):

  • Triolor 105 mm f/4.5 and unidentified four-speed shutter (1/25 - 1/150 second, plus 'B' and 'T'[4] This camera has black-painted struts, whereas the others have plated struts.
  • Roussel Trylor 105 mm f/4.5 and Gitzo R2 shutter with four speeds (1/25 - 1/150 second, plus 'B' and 'T')[5] McKeown shows a camera of the same specification,[6] and one is shown at Gérard Langlois' website with the Trylor, but in an unidentified shutter as above.[7]
  • Boyer Topaz 105 mm f/4.5 and unidentified nine-speed shutter (1 - 1/350 second, plus 'B')[8]

The cameras have a brilliant finder mounted on the lens standard, and a folding frame finder on the body. They have Azur embossed in the body leatherette. Unusually, the rollfilm holders are mounted in the door of the film chamber.


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