Argus/Cosina 35

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For the company whose Argus C3 had brought rangefinder cameras to the US masses, it was doubtless bittersweet to have this diminutive model rebadging the Cosina 35 as the sole example left in Argus's early-70s lineup. Company literature names it the Argus/Cosina Compact 35 but the word "compact" doesn't appear on the camera itself.

It was offered from 1971–74[1] and provides programmed autoexposure as its sole metering option. Its CdS cell is within the lens barrel threads, to compensate for any attached filters. Its shutter speeds could range from 1/650 to 1/30th (and B), with lens that could open to f/2.7.[2] An all-black version was available for a price a few dollars higher.


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  2. A 1974 Argus sale listing (PDF), page 23, has the details. This sales flyer is posted online by Pacific Rim Camera.