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Allied Impex Corporation[1] was an American distributor. From 1956, it used the brand name Soligor for cameras and lenses imported from Japan.[2]

It bought the Miranda company at the beginning of the 1960s.[3]

The company founded a German sub-company called A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH in 1968, that became Soligor GmbH in 1993.[4] This German company is the only one still active today (2007).[5] It is known for its rich product range of camera accessories.

Distributed cameras

  • Soligor 35
  • Soligor 45
  • Soligor 66
  • Soligor Reflex
  • Soligor TM

Distributed lenses


  1. "Impex" is probably the contraction of "Import Export".
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  5. It seems that in 1997, the company Allied Impex Corporation was an empty structure based in the USA, owning the German company Soligor GmbH and itself owned by AIC International, Inc., another empty structure. Source: filing dated 1998 at Edgar Online.