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Allied Impex Corporation[1] was an American distributor. From 1956, it used the brand name Soligor for cameras, lenses and accessories imported from Japan.[2] It imported the Miranda cameras and took control of the Miranda company at some time in the 1960s.[3]

The company founded a German sub-company called A.I.C. Phototechnik GmbH in 1968, that became Soligor GmbH in 1993.[4] This German company is the only one still active today (2009).[5] It is known for its rich product range of camera accessories.

Distributed cameras

35mm film

  • Soligor 35 (SLR)
  • Soligor 45 (viewfinder)
  • Soligor TM (SLR)

120 film

  • Soligor Reflex (TLR)
  • Soligor Reflex II (TLR)
  • Soligor Semi-Auto (TLR)
  • Soligor 66 (SLR)

Distributed lenses

Soligor distributed lenses in many different camera mounts, including nearly every 35mm SLR mount. It competed with Vivitar, and both sold the T and T4 mount lenses with interchangeable mounts. Vivitar also sold TX mount lenses, but Soligor did not. Soligor C/D lenses were intended to be higher-quality, much like Canon L lenses or Vivitar's Series 1 lenses. The C/D moniker was said to stand for "Computer Designed".

In addition to selling Soligor badged lenses, Allied Impex also sold rebadged lenses through other distributors including Derek, Elicar, Gardenar, Flexar, Hanimex, Infotar, J.C. Penny, Mirage, Prinzflex, Porst, Super Carenar, and Weltblick

Argus Mount Lenses

  • Soligor 35mm f3.5 for Argus C3
  • Soligor 135mm f4.5 (black) for Argus C3
  • Soligor Elephoto 135mm f4.5 (silver) for Argus C3

Nikon Mount Lenses

  • Soligor 28mm f2
  • Soligor 28mm f2.8 Wide-Auto
  • MC Soligor C/D 28-80mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Macro
  • Soligor C/D 35-200mm f3.8-5.3 Zoom AIS
  • Soligor C/D 55mm f2.8 Macro
  • Soligor 75-260mm f4.5 Auto-Zoom
  • Soligor 80-200mm f4.5 Zoom
  • Soligor 90-230mm f4.5 Zoom
  • Soligor C/D 135mm f2
  • Soligor 135mm f3.5 Tele-Auto
  • Soligor 200mm f2.8 AI
  • Soligor 200mm f2.8 AIS
  • Soligor 500mm f8 mirror
  • Soligor 2x teleconverter

K Mount Lenses

  • MC Soligor 75-205mm f3.8-4.5
  • Soligor C/D Zoom/Macro 70-160mm f3.5
  • Soligor Tele-Auto 250mm f4.5

T/T2 Mount Lenses

  • Soligor 28mm f2.8
  • Soligor 35mm f3.5
  • Soligor 135mm f1.5
  • Soligor 135mm f1.8
  • Soligor 400mm f6.3
  • Soligor 450mm f8
  • Soligor C/D 500mm mirror

T4 Mount Lenses

  • Soligor Wide-Auto 21mm f3.8
  • Soligor 24mm f2.8
  • Soligor 35mm f2.8

Soligor Lens Codes

Soligor sometimes changed manufacturers for the same make and model lens multiple times and did not always indicate the manufacturer through any easily discernible means such as the serial number. It's often difficult to know what company manufactured a given lens. However, lens enthusiasts at the MFlenses forum are working to reverse engineer any information available through the lens coding system used by Soligor. You can help by contributing your lens make, model, and serial number.[6]


  1. "Impex" is probably the contraction of "Import Export".
  2. Date: filing dated 1998 at Edgar Online.
  3. The FAQ of the Miranda Camera site says 1963, but the main page of the Miranda Society Japan says that it bought the shares in 1968 and took complete control in 1969.
  4. See this page of the Soligor GmbH official website.
  5. It seems that in 1997, the company Allied Impex Corporation was an empty structure based in the USA, owning the German company Soligor GmbH and itself owned by AIC International, Inc., another empty structure. Source: filing dated 1998 at Edgar Online.
  6. MFlenses forum: Soligor lens manufacturer codes


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