Agfa Trolix

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The Box 14, better known under the name "Trolix", was manufactured by Agfa Camera-Werk in Munich, Germany (1936 - 1940). It is made from a dark brown plastic, Trolitan—similar to Bakelite—in an Art Deco style. In the Netherlands, the camera was sold until 1942. With two adjustable wheels on the front one can choose between two apertures; and the shutter can be set either to M (Moment) or Z (Zeit = Bulb). It uses 120 film (Agfa B 2) for 6×9cm images. The camera has two brilliant viewfinders, a tripod thread and a red window for counting exposures. The carrying handle is made of chrome-plated metal. Since it is made from an early form of Bakelite it is extremely vulnerable: If dropped it will most likely shatter into pieces.