Agat 18

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Belomo offered this compact, plastic, 35mm half-frame camera beginning around 1984. The name appears in Cyrillic as "Агат-18." It includes a 28mm f/2.8 lens.

The inner ring surrounding the lens is the film speed scale, which on some models may use DIN or the Soviet GOST numbering system. However the camera is meterless, and this simply moves an indicator relative to the outer ring of weather symbols. Choosing one of these appropriate to the scene selects an aperture opening: this in turn varies the shutter speed in quasi-programmed operation. At f/2.8 the shutter is set to 1/60 sec; while at f/16 it reduces to 1/250 sec.

The Agat 18 was followed by a minor revision, the Agat 18K.