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The Agfa Typ 6807/8 Adapter E is a small rectangular plastic flash cube to flash cold/hot shoe adapter specifically designed for the Agfa Optima Rapid 125C camera. This adapter allows the 125C camera to be used with a hot/cold shoe type flash unit.


The Optima 125C camera was designed to use flash cubes, but Agfa also designed it to accept a slide in adapter, the Typ 6807 or 6808 so that the camera could be used with other Agfa flash units like the Isi-Blitz, the Cibo, or the KM. It also means that the 125C can be used with modern electronic flash units.

The Typ 6807 is a hot shoe version of the Adapter E. It simply slides into place and then a hot shoe type flash unit is slid into it. The 125C camera closes flash contacts in the lens when the shutter is triggered.

The Typ 6808 is a cold shoe version of the Adapter E. It also slides into place on the 125C camera, and the a flash unit slides into it. It has spring fingers to help retain the flash unit in place. On the left side (looking at the camera back) a pin plug receptacle is near the front. The flash trigger cable plugs in and triggers the flash when the lens shutter is triggered.