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Ōhashi was a Japanese distributor and camera maker from the 1920s to the 1950s.


A company called Ōhashi Seisakusho (大橋製作所) was making optical instruments, condensers and filters in 1922. It notably advertised a soft filter, "indispensable to take hazy pictures of cherry blossoms".[1] Its address was Honjo-ku Kikugawa-chō 1–41 in Tokyo (東京市本所区菊川町一ノ四一). It is not known if this company was related to the later Ōhashi distributor.

The distributor Ōhashi Shōten (大橋商店) was already active in 1929–30 in Tokyo, at Honjo-ku Matsui-chō (本所区松井町).[2] In 1929, it advertised the Light 3×4 box camera, which was perhaps the first 3×4cm camera in the world. In 1931, it reportedly advertised the Alps no-need-darkroom camera. In 1932, the company was called Ōhashi Shashinki-ten (大橋写真機店), at the same address; it advertised the Baby Sport, another inexpensive 3×4cm Japanese camera, and the Elliotte plate folders.[3] It was later renamed Ōhashi Takeji Shōten (大橋武治商店), after Ōhashi Takeji (大橋武治), the father of Ōhashi Kyosen (大橋巨泉), a Japanese TV presenter and politician.[4] The address in the mid-1930s was Honjo-ku Ryōgoku 4–12 (本所区両国4–12).[5]

Ōhashi Kōki Seisakusho (大橋光機製作所) was the manufacturing company associated to Ōhashi Takeji Shōten. Its address was Edogawa-ku Koiwa-machi 3–1625 (江戸川区小岩町3–1625), also in Tokyo.[6] It made a few cameras around 1935–7.

Camera list

Confirmed as made by Ōhashi Kōki Seisakusho:


The Hope (4.5×6) folder is sometimes attributed to Ōhashi but this is unconfirmed.[8]


  • Bosch 75/4.5 enlarging lens (c.1936)
  • Cross filters, filter holders, hoods and gauze screens (c.1936)
  • Riken type all-purpose hoods, also acting as filter holders (c.1936)
  • Diamond enlargers (c.1930)



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