Zweiverschluss Duplex

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The Zweiverschluss Duplex is a folding bed camera made by Ihagee from 1927 to '39.[1] It is oriented for horizontal pictures, and equipped with both a focal plane shutter and a leaf shutter.[2] The camera was made in 6.5x9 cm, 9x12 cm and 10x15 cm sizes. McKeown states that there was a stereo/panoramic model of the 10x15 cm camera.[1]


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  2. 9x12 cm Zweiverschluss-Duplex with 15 cm f/3.5 Ihagee Anastigmat Trioplan (made by Meyer for Ihagee), dial-set Compur shutter with speeds to 1/200 second, and focal-plane shutter to 1/1000 second, offered for sale at Camera Auction 26, on 22 November 2014, by Westlicht Photographica Auction. The FP shutter is of the type where the spring tension and slit-width are adjusted separately.