Yashica Micro Elite AF

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Yashica Micro Elite AF is a 35mm compact point and shoot camera produced by Kyocera around 1992. It is also available as the Yashica Minitec AF. It uses a 32mm f/3.5 fixed focal length lens


  • Lens - Yashica lens, 32mm, f:3.5, Multi Coated, 4 element Tessar-type lenses
  • Focusing - auto-focus (0.4m-infinity)
  • Exposure mode - auto-exposure
  • Shutter speeds - 1sec-1/700
  • Shutter type - leaf shutter
  • Apertures - f/3.5-f/16
  • ISO setting - DX coded (100-800)
  • Film type - 35mm film
  • Flash - built-in (Auto, Red Eye reduction, Fill-in, Off)
  • Self-timer, Tripod socket, Infinity lock
  • Auto-loading, Auto-winding and Auto-rewinding
  • Power - 2x AA/R6 batteries.