Yashica FX-103 Program

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The Yashica FX-103 Program is a 35mm SLR camera from Kyocera. It was available in the mid 1980's and shares many of the same specifications as the earlier but much more uncommon Yashica FX-A.

The camera uses interchangeable lenses with the C/Y mount. It has an electronic quartz timed, vertical travelling metal focal-plane shutter with speeds from 16 sec to 1/1000 in auto mode or 1 to 1/1000 in manual. There is a bulb mode and the flash sync is at 1/100 a sec. While the shutter release is Electromagnetic, a traditional cable release socket is provided.

It features a TTL center-weighted metering system based on a silicon photo diode for the measuring element with a range of 3 to 18 EV (ISO 100, with f/1.4 lens). The film speed setting range is at ISO 12 to 3200. Exposure modes can be changed on the shutter dial. Modes include (P) Program AE; (HP) High-speed Program AE; (AE) Aperture-priority; Manual exposure; TTL auto flash and manual flash modes. Exposure compensation is available with a range of + 2 to -2 EV and can be adjusted on the left hand shoulder of body.

The viewfinder contains has a 95% view with a 0.86x magnification. It's a eye-level pentaprism has 95% field of view and a magnification of 0.86x. It uses a LED based display for the shutter indicators with correct exposure, overexposure and underexposure. The focusing screen is a matte type with a horizontal split-image device with a microprism collar to aid focusing.

Advancing the film requires a single stroke of the film advance lever. Flip up the crank located above the ISO/exposure comp dial to rewind the film. The camera is also compatible with the Contax 139 Winder II. The film counter is upwards counting and resets automatically when the back is opened. The back has a memo holder used as a film reminder. It is powered by two LR44/SR44 batteries.