Yashica Electro 35 GL

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Despite the great sales success of the Electro 35 series, in about 1974[1] Yashica introduced a new model, the Electro 35 GL. This offered two notable improvements: A slightly downsized body, and an SBC meter cell located above the lens, allowing the camera's aperture-priority autoexposure to compensate for any filters attached to the 55mm-threaded lens barrel. The lens focal length is fractionally wider than the earlier models, too, at 40mm instead of 45mm.

An easy way to spot the GL is by the raised black disk atop the camera, containing the "SLOW" and "OVER" shutter-speed warning lamps (which are also visible in the viewfinder).

The Electro 35 GL seems to have been a short-lived transitional model, soon superseded by the even smaller and lighter Yashica Electro 35 GX. The badge AE•AF does not signify "autoexposure/autofocus," but rather "auto flash," when using the Yashica dedicated Auto-ES 220 strobe.


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