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The Wista 45 cameras are a range of 4x5-inch technical cameras, made in Japan by Wista since 1972.[1] They are metal-bodied folding-bed cameras, with double extension as standard, allowing extensive camera movements, and lenses between 65 mm and 300 mm with the standard bellows. They can be modified using modular components (extension beds, exchangeable bellows for special purposes, etc.). Although they are sold (and named) as 4x5-inch cameras (because that is the dominant large-format film size) a 5x7-inch back is available as an accessory. There are three types:

  • 45VX: This is the basic camera. The front standard has geared rise (40 mm), and (non-geared) shift, swing and tilt (both 15° in each direction). There is also rear tilt (40° forward, 15° backward) and swing (15° each way).
  • 45SP: The SP is almost identical to the VX, but also has geared 'micro-swing' control of the back, for fine focus control.
  • 45 RF: This camera has a coupled rangefinder on the top, and an Albada viewfinder for rapid use. The RF has cams to couple it with 135, 150 and 180 mm lenses. The viewfinder has brightline frames for lenses from 120 to 180 mm, and has the overall view of a 90 mm lens.

All the cameras have a revolving back. They use lens panels like those used by Linhof and 'international' film holders. There is a cable linkage which stops down the lens as a film holder is inserted. The cameras all weigh around 3 kg (the RF is fractionally heavier). They are all made only in black finish.


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