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The Winpro camera was made by Webster Industries Inc. of Rochester N.Y. It is a grey Tenite [1] plastic-bodied basic 35mm camera with a fixed-focus 40mm Crystar lens in a single speed shutter plus T. On the base of the camera is the wind knob, film counter and rewind knob. It is marked "Made in USA" and sold for $10.95 in 1947. A model with flash sync was introduced in 1948 and sold for $12.95. Later designs had an adjustable aperture.

A history of the Webster Company is published in "Glass, Brass & Chrome".[2]


  1. Tenite was invented by Kodak in 1929 and produced in great quantities by their Eastman Chemical plant in Tennesee. Tenite is made from cellulose extracted from softwood, and is regarded as the first modern thermo-plastic.
  2. Lahue, Kalton C. and Bailey, Joseph A. Glass, Brass, & Chrome: the American 35mm Miniature Camera. University of Oklahoma Press, 2001. ISBN 978-0806134345 p.295-297