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Note that the name Windsor is also used on a Diana clone.

The Windsor 35 is a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera made in Japan, originally by Tōkō Shashin (TKC logo; later called the Windsor Camera Co.),[1] c.1953. There were two models. The original 1953 model has the accessory shoe in a flat area on top of the rangefinder housing; in the later 1954 model, the higher part of the top housing surrounds the shoe. The shutter is either an NKS (as pictured here) giving speeds from 1-1/200 second plus 'B', with a PC socket and self-timer, a TKS (perhaps for Tōkō Shashin), also 1-1/200 second, with ASA or PC flash synchronisation, or a Velex 1-1/200 with a PC socket; the later models only have the Velex. The lens is a Color-Sygmar 50mm f3.5; a four element lens.[1]

The 1957 Windsor II is similar, but with a restyled, flatter top plate and a Velex shutter running to 1/300.


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