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The Widepan Pro II 140 is a medium format panoramic camera manufactured by Panflex Camera, LLC Phenix. It was made in P.R.C. (China). It was available in circa 2003. It was mostly distributed by many specialized dealers, but more widely available from Yasuhara and Lomography.

The camera uses a lens of 50mm with an aperture of f/3.8-f/22. It is a Tessar based lens design made from, 4 elements in 3 groups. It a 140 degree swing lens, with the slit opening traveling from camera left to right. It has a minimum focus range of 4.5m but with diopter lens can be as low as 0.8m. The aperture and focus range can be adjusted on the lens shield. There are three focus settings that can be view on the lens, N (4.5m), I (9m), and F (12.5m). The panoramic images produced on the film are of 50 x 110mm in size. It uses 120 film which yields 6 frames per roll, on 220 film it can capture 12 frames per roll. It has three shutter speeds of 1/250, 1/60, and 1/2 second. The viewfinder is removable and has approximately 112° view with a 0.4x magnification. There is a spirit level built-in on top of the finder, but can also be viewed within. Cocking the shutter involves moving the tab on lens dome from the right hand side to the left. The shutter release button supports a screw in cable release.

The film is manually advanced, with multi-exposure prevention, but can be defeated with a un-marked button located by the film advance knob. A upwards exposure counter is provided on the shoulder back, but it does not differentiate between 120 or 220 films. When using 120 film, exposure 7-12 will yield no photos. The film back has film reminder memo holder for film box tops. It uses 2x LR44 1.5v batteries, but is not required for basic camera operation. A un-marked button by the shutter knob is used to switch on a LED light. This makes it much easier to view the lens settings. There are two tripod sockets on the base.

A 35mm film adapter allows you produce long negative of 110mm x 24mm. A finder mask is provided for 35mm films. When using 36 exposure 35mm film, the exposure counter start at 0 and end at 9. The base has a film release to enable rewinding 35mm film. A knob on the top by the shutter speed selector is used for rewinding.