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K. H. Weigand Messtechnik GmbH was a maker of selenium light meters in Erlangen, Germany. The company was founded as Weigand & Ehemann shortly before the Second World War.[1]

Accessories importer Actina distributed some Weigan products in the UK.[2]

Weigand registered a number of patents for electrical devices such as innovative features of moving-coil meters.[3] From about 1960, these begin to refer to general measuring instruments rather than specifically to light meters. This may have reflected the decline in the use of selenium meters in favour of other sensors, or a desire to diversify. The company was closed in 1984.[4]


  • Actino, 1948
  • Actino A, 1949
  • Super Actino
  • Actophot U
  • Actino S


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