Walz Electric

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The Walz Electric is a 35 mm rangefinder with a coupled selenium cell that was sold in the early 60's by the Japanese company Walz. It was available with a 1.8/45 mm or a 2.8/45 mm Kominar lens and is fitted with a Copal SV shutter. It was sold in the USA under the brand Lafayette.

The shutter allows speeds from B, 1s up to 1/1000s. The aperture ring is coupled to the shutter speed ring in order to keep the same EV when changing shutter speed. It has a very high resemblance to the Minolta AL cosmetically as well as technically. Its shutter is probably not fully synchronized up to 1/1000s because it doesn't open fully at that speed - at least not at large apertures. This is true for almost all super fast leaf shutters.