Voigtländer 2× Zoom Brillant

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The Voigtländer 2× Zoom Brillant is a simple consumer compact zoom camera for 35mm film. It's one of the products which may have been produced for Ringfoto, the owner of the Voigtländer brand. While the name Voigtländer brings to mind metal cameras, this camera is made of plastics. It has a 28-56mm zoom lens which produces pictures with impressive colour contrasts. It has rubber buttons, one for starting the selftimer, one for mode select (modes: red eye flash, always flash, flash off, landscape focusing, and all automatic), two for zooming, one for shutter release, and one as on/off switch. It has a little LED display as exposure counter and mode control, an infrared autofocus and automatic setting of shutter speed. It needs a CR123A battery.