Vivitar XV-20

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The Vivitar XV-20 is a Pentax K mount, 35mm SLR marketed by Vivitar and manufactured by Cosina. The XV-20 is believed to be a rebadged version of Cosina's CT-2 camera. The camera's shutter is fully electronic and it cannot be fired without a battery. The camera uses aperture priority automatic exposure. The only shutter speed settings are Auto, X (1/85), and Bulb. The camera includes a self-timer with a delay of 10 seconds. The timer's red LED flashes more rapidly 2 seconds before tripping the shutter. The XV-20 was sold in the early 1980s.


  • Badging: Vivitar
  • Manufacturer: Cosina
  • Lens mount: Pentax K
  • ISO: 25 - 1600 in 1/3 increments
  • Shutter: Copal FM-591 electronic focal plane shutter, metal, vertical travel
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/1000 to 8 sec, X (1/85), Bulb
  • Flash sync: Hot shoe, X-sync PC connector, 1/85
  • Viewfinder: eye-level pentaprism, -1.0 diopter, 0.86x mag, LED display of shutter speed/exposure
  • Focusing: Horizontal split image w/micro-prism collar
  • Meter: TTL open aperture, center-weighted averaging
  • Battery: 1.5v silver oxide S-76, MS-76, G-13, SMC357 or equivalent (x2)
  • Weight: 450 g (15.87 oz)