Vivitar 35 Exposure Meter

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The Vivitar 35 Exposure Meter is a light meter marketed by Vivitar. The meter is designed to measure incident and reflect light using a selenium cell. This meter does not require a battery. To use the meter, a green point is moved to a position corresponding to the meter needle. Exposure information may then be read from the point dial and adjustments made as necessary. The pointer dial includes an EV window with values ranging from 2 to 25 EV; An ASA (ISO) window with values ranging from 6 to 25,000; and a DIN window with values ranging from 9 to 45. Aperture values range from 1 to 64 and shutter speeds values from 15 minutes to 1/8000. Cine frame rates from 8 to 128 FPS are also reported. The meter has a standard tripod mount on the bottom as well as a swivel-mounted neck strap and case.[1]. The meter was first marketed in 1978 and retailed for $9.95[2]


  • Type: Selenium cell
  • Angle of Acceptance: 30 degrees
  • Film Speed: ISO (ASA) 6 to 25,000; DIN 9 to 45
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8000 to 15 minutes
  • Aperture: f1 to f64
  • EV: 6 to 18 (at ISO 100 / DIN 21)
  • Movie film speed: 8 to 128 FPS



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