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The Voigtländer Vitoret was produced in 1960 as a low cost alternative to the Vito. It is a 35mm rigid body non-interchangeable lens that cost £12 in 1963. The low cost of the camera was directly reflected in it's quality and performance. There were 8 different models produced, each one was intended to improve upon the the last models shortcomings. In 1966 Voigtländer attempted to improve the Vitoret by improving the lens from the Vaskar to the Color Lanthar. The Vitoret came in two body styles as was customary for the entire Vitoret line, the first being square and the other featuring more a rounded body.


  • Manufacturer: Voigtländer
  • Country: Germany
  • Years Produced: 1960 - 1971
  • Body Type: Rigid Body Fixed Lens
  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Lens Type: Vaskar f/2.8 50mm or Color Lanthar f/2.8 50mm
  • Shutter Type: Prontor 125 1/30th 1/60th 1/125th Bulb
  • Flash Type: Accessory Shoe