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The Velocam is a basic strut-folding camera for 9x12 plates in wooden body with leatherette covering. It has dark burgundy bellows and an in-lens shutter. This was a low cost amateur model, also sold by Stöckig as the Union 10. The name presumably refers to the camera's great portability when folded, making it suitable for carrying on fashionable bicycle outings. The Ernemann catalogue linked below recommends it for alpinists, cyclists and tourists. In the catalogue, it is shown opposite the better-specified Velo-Klapp with focal plane shutter.


  • Type: Strut camera
  • Format: 9x12 cm plates
  • Manufacturer: Ernemann
  • Years of production: 1901-1906
  • Lenses types:
  • Shutter: Bob, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100
  • Viewfinder: Newton finder
  • Focusing: 3 fixed steps (2 m, 5 m, inf.), selected by use of different notches at the front end of the struts: see the picture.
  • Front movements:
    • Vertical and horizontal in one of the 2 versions
    • No shift for the other version
  • Dimensions: closed 15x11.5x4 cm
  • Weight: 0.520 kg