Vastfame action samplers

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Vastfame offers a series of "action sampler" toy cameras. These are simple plastic cameras for 35mm film with manual film advance and simple frame as viewfinder. "Action sampler" means that triggering the shutter takes a series of exposures onto a single 35mm film frame—one for each lens. Thus the camera captures movement. Vastfame's action samplers have two, three or four 25mm lenses:

  •   twinkle2: 2 lens action sampler, imaging result comparable to 35mm half-frame.
  •   Action4: 4 lens action sampler, idea may be taken from similar Lomographic ActionSampler. Has the advantage of using vignette-free center of lenses' image circle.
  •   RObOT3: 3 lens action sampler, taking two quarter images like the Action4 and one panorama image.