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Hi, Johnnyh4, thanks for your notes added to the Envoy Wide Angle Talk:Envoy Wide Angle.

If you're interested in contributing more to the wiki, that's great — welcome! We have a FAQ page if you'd like to learn more about our project.

The way things usually work is that discussion about the page (what ought to be added, changed, etc.) goes on the Discussion page first. Then, if there's no controversy, additions to the article itself can be made—but always in the standard format used by other existing articles.

The next thing to do might be to read some of the Help pages, to get an idea of how to edit pages. A shortcut for "signing" your posts is to click the button above the edit window with the gray script icon. This inserts four tildes, which our software automatically expands to your username and a date stamp.

Generally, text added to wiki articles should be in English. You might also write a little bit about yourself and your camera interests on your User page.

Cheers!--Vox 07:01, 10 November 2011 (PST)