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Hello! is a wiki about cameras, photography, and their history. If you're interested in contributing to it, that's great — welcome!

The next thing to do might be to read some of the Help pages, to get an idea of how to edit pages. Or, if you already know how, just jump in and edit the wiki page that prompted you to register. Maybe you'd like to write something about yourself and your cameras on your User page. Generally, text in the wiki should be in English (though you may find the odd word or phrase of other languages in some articles, where it's relevant).

We have had a problem recently with accounts being created by spammers, to put advertising into the wiki. To combat this, new accounts are blocked if they aren't used fairly soon (within a day or two after being created); and of course an account is blocked immediately if it becomes clear it was created for spamming or vandalism. So please at least write a short reply here to reassure the admins that you're not one of the spammers; otherwise, your account may be blocked.

Cheers! --Dustin McAmera 10:40, 16 January 2012 (PST)

Duo Six-20

Thanks a lot for your additions to the article Duo Six-20. It seemed you were trying to add footnotes for the Kodak History page, so I made some edits to fix that. I quite admit the wiki footnote syntax is obscure, but it's explained in our help pages. If there are other cameras you know well, feel free to begin or expand articles about them too. You might add a few sentences on your user page to let the other editors know a little about yourself, and what kinds of things interest you.

If you can provide some close-up photos showing differences between the Duo Six-20 versions, that would be a great addition to the article. If you'd rather not clutter up your own photostream, the wiki maintains its own pro Flickr account where we can host as many photos as you like. But private photos in your own stream may be added to our Flickr pool where they will be visible to group members. Without having something specific to link to, I fear that mentioning "the collection of Flickr's Ektarama" will just be confusing. --Vox 06:59, 17 January 2012 (PST)