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New articles

Hello and welcome to Camerapedia.

I noticed your addition of articles on the Leonar-Werke Doppel Anastigmat, Zenitar 16mm fisheye, Nikon D3s and F601.

About the Leonar-Werke, I am absolutely certain that "Doppel Anastigmat" is the name of the lens, not that of the camera. "Doppel Anastigmat" is not really a brand name, but a sort of description of the lens optical formula. It seems that the camera itself has a metal plate with a name, placed under the shutter unit. Maybe this might help to identify it?

About the Zenitar lens, I had to remove the picture because it was directly taken from the website of Ken Rockwell, without authorization. I invite you to read these guidelines on adding images.

About the two Nikon cameras, I unfortunately had to delete the articles because they were copied from Wikipedia (F601) and Nikon's own spec list (D3s). Camerapedia articles should be original creations, and mere dumps of spec lists from the manufacturer's website is strongly discouraged, even if I acknowledge that some authors did add such pages that went unnoticed. Copying Wikipedia pages is discouraged too; in any case it would require a mention at the bottom of the article to comply with the GFDL.

Best regards,

--rebollo_fr 04:13, 16 August 2010 (EDT)