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Minolta SLR pages and picture links

Hello Dennis,

You have much improved the Minolta SLR pages. Personally I prefer the long pages about a series of cameras (like Minolta XG series) to the short and dry pages about one particular version (like Minolta SRT Super). (This is a personal taste and not everybody agrees.) What about merging all the SR-T pages into Minolta SR-T series? We can keep the table there, leaving it towards the end of the page.

In Minolta XG series, I noticed links to the picture pages of Mr Nishida's website that are inserted in the main text (as opposed to the links section). We should ask permission to Mr Nishida for this first (but maybe you already did it, I have the impression that you have direct mail contact with him). No need to ask permission of course if we move the links to the links section at the bottom.

In any case we should say that these links are pointing to his website. I became very careful about the description and credit of the external links after somebody complained that links were pointing to his website in an "anonymous" way (like this). Whenever possible, I add a link pointing to the site's main page and give the name of its author. (Of course there are still many pages that don't comply with this.)

Regards, --Rebollo fr 05:45, 21 December 2006 (EST)

Hello Adrien!

Thanks for your kind works. The XG series is the series of manual Minolta SLR, I knew least about, so it was quite interesting for me. I totally agree with you about merging the SR-T sites together, and will do this eventually. Since my passion are the early SR models, I will set up this site first, and put the three existing sites (SR-1, SR-2 and SR-3) together and add the lacking SR-7. What I am thinking about too, is a list of articles about Minolta MF lenses. I consider a category: Minolta SR mount lenses (sub category of Minolta SR mount), what do you think.

And I think, you are right concerning the links to Syoji Nishida's website: First, I will add his name in the links, then I will contact him (I am in mail contact with him, he sometimes buy stuff for me in Japan) and ask how to handle this.

Best regards, Dennis.

Featured article

Hello Dennis,

In case you didn't notice, I wanted to let you know that the Minolta XG article, to which you were a major contributor, has been chosen as a featured article last week. It is now linked from the Main Page.

By the way, did you have an answer from Mr Nishida?

Regards, --Rebollo fr 18:49, 11 February 2007 (EST)

Nishida links

Hello Adrien!

Sorry for the delay! Yes, I got an answer from Syoji Nishida, he sais, it's no problem linking it.

Regards, Dennis.