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I like cameras. I like using them. I like learning about the technical details. I like repairing and modifying cameras.

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References needed: While most series size filters had plain metal mounts. Towards the end of the era of series filters several manufacturers started making screw-in series filters that didn't require a retaining ring or hood to hold them in place. If these are used with some lenses the original hood may not fit. (reference needed.)

Series Size Approx mm IV 13/16" 20 V 1 3/16" 30 VI 1 5/8" 41 VII 2" 51 VIII 2 1/2" 64 IX 3 1/4" 83 X 4 1/2" 114

Mercury cells came in number of different sizes including the 625 size (i.e. PX13, EPX625, RPX625, KX625, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, H1560, H-D, MR9 and the like), the 675 size (i.e. EPX675, HD675, KX675, RPX675, MR44, H-C and the like), the 400 size (i.e. E400N, EPX400, KX400, PM400R, PX400, RM400, T400N, V400PX and the like), and others. By far the 625 size is the most common.

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