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My location: West Wales UK

Web Site: (Started April 1999)

Now home to the web site known as Tigin's Classic Cameras - one of the best known sources of information on 1950s German rangefinder cameras. Generously donated by its author, Erik who now lives in Ireland.

Tigins Classic Cameras in English

Classic Cameras auf Deutsch

Photographic Interests: Collecting German & Japanese Rangefinder cameras

I prefer collecting the commonplace cameras of the 1950s & 1960s. They tend to be more neglected than the more famous names.

Extensive collection of: Agfa, Balda, Iloca, Kodak Retina, Montanus Rocca & Beauty

Large Photographic literature collection. Many hundreds of catalogues, Amateur Photographers & Practical Photographers. If you need information on a rangefinder camera or a SLR (from 1950-1990), I should be able to help you.

Conducting research into the Zunow SLR - would be interested in corresponding with anybody interested in this camera.