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Hi there,

I wouldn't call me a camera collector, but whenever I see an interesting and affordable camera, I get it. Unfortunately every camera is interesting somehow, so I have to favor the "more classic", especially point & shoot milestones, e.g. Olympus XA or Canon AF35M, but also Pentax and M42 related SLRs, old folders, and simple cameras with that je ne sais quoi, like a Halina Micro 35. And I try to run at least one roll of film through every camera.

I discovered the camera-wiki via my flickr account, someone invited me to something, .. I don't remember exactly. Now I created an account to do minor changes. To maintain an article is a bit confusing to me, with all those categories, lists, documentation, signing, templates. I think the help pages don't provide an entire guidance, but let's see.

Joerg Krueger on flickr