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Kerman Trimar

The lens name Trimar appears in Japanese advertisements dated 1929 and 1930 for the Mikuni and First plate folders. It is normally written トリマー (torimā) in katakana, and it is sometimes misspelled "Trimer" in Roman writing.[1] In the drawings of some advertisements, the markings on the lens rim are faintly legible as Kerman–Dresden N°xxxxxx * Trimar–Anastigmat 1:4.5 f=10.5cm *; the lens number perhaps reads 153814 in one case and 154960 in another.[2]

One surviving example of the Trimar-Anastigmat lens is known.[3] The marking reads Kerman–Dresden N°154428 * Trimar–Anastigmat 1:6.3 f=10.5cm *. The serial number is in the same range as above. The lens is mounted on a dial-set Vario giving 25, 50, 100, B, T speeds. It is said that the lens and shutter were originally mounted on a wooden-bodied First camera.[4]

No other mention of the company name Kerman has been found so far.

Nippon Kōgaku Trimar

Nippon Kōgaku made a Trimar 50cm f/4.8 aerial lens in 1929. This use of the Trimar name is probably unrelated to the Kerman Trimar described above. See Nippon Kōgaku lenses before 1945.


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