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Toyo is a common element of Japanese company and camera names.

It is likely to stand for either of two words, words that sound entirely different to fluent speakers of Japanese but that may confuse others. One is the short "Toyo"; the other the long "Tōyō". (To Japanese ears, the latter is twice the length of the former.) But whether out of convenience or a desire not to confuse those unused to macrons and the sounds of Japanese, the latter too is often simply written in roman letters as "Toyo".

Toyo (short)

"Toyo" here typically is, or is derived from, 豊, now only used in names. (Cf Toyota, the car company.)

  • Toyo, Toyo View, Toyo Field, "Omega View, Toyo Division", or "Mamiya America Co. / Toyo Professional Division" (brand)
  • Toyoca, Toyocaflex (brands of Tougodo)

Tōyō (long)

"Toyo" here typically is, or is derived from, 東洋, meaning "oriental" (literally, "eastern ocean").