Topcon Wink Mirror

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Released late in 1960, the Topcon Wink Mirror was the world's first lens shutter type SLR camera with a quick return mirror. The lens is a Topkor 48mm f/2 that has been upgraded to a Gaussian type with 6 elements in 4 groups, but is not removable. It has a completely different body from the PR II it replaced, and was a little larger, but remains a very small camera. The dimensions and weight are 132×90×74mm and 720g, respectively.

The viewfinder field of view is as wide as 96%, and the focus glass incorporates a split-image rangefinder, making it much easier to use than the PR II. The shutter button has a large area, and is very easy to press. The cover-like ring at the base of the button rises until the shutter cannot be pressed when screwed, and becomes a lock. It features a popping shutter sound.

The Topcon Wink Mirror was replaced in 1961 by the Topcon Wink Mirror E, which incorporated a light meter.