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In the early 20th century, Eastman Kodak had grown to employ a large enough workforce that in June, 1920 it began publishing its own in-house magazine. This was titled The Kodak Magazine - published in the interests of the men and women in Kodak organization, or after circa 1935[1], Kodak: A Magazine for Eastman Employees. Its articles highlighted different aspects of the company (including its sponsored clubs, sports teams, and social activities); but it also served to promote photography among Kodak's own employees. It continued publication into the 1940s. This was a separate publication from Kodakery, created to promote photography with the general public.

A large number of issues of The Kodak Magazine are held at the Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester, as part of an extensive collection of company material donated by Kodak in 2004[2].

See Also

See The Kodak Magazine (UK) for the similarly named photography magazine for the general public in the UK by Kodak Ltd


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