Tenax (folding bed camera)

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Before its 1926 merger into Zeiss Ikon, the Berlin company C. P. Goerz sold several folding-bed plate cameras under the name Tenax[1] and Pocket Tenax, beginning around 1906. These were part of Goerz's Tenax camera family.

Plate sizes were 6.5×9 cm, 9×12, and 10×15 cm.

Goerz offered a special "Autofoc" feature, a cylindrical mechanism which advanced the lensboard to a standard focus distance automatically when the camera was opened. The "Manufoc" versions of the Tenax lacked this feature[2]. The Taro Tenax folding bed cameras were the budget line of the original Tenax series.


  1. The Tenax model name had been reused by Zeiss Ikon starting in 1938 for unrelated 24×24 mm format 35mm cameras; see Tenax II and Tenax I.
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