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Welcome to Camera-wiki.org

I hope you enjoy using this encyclopedia and that you want to stay and contribute. As a first step, you may wish to look at the list of help pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at Community discussions. Or you can ask on the "Talk" page of the relevant article (click on the tab in the article that's marked "Discussion"). Or again you can ask me on my talk page. (For any of these, please write your message at the foot of the page.)


  • The content of articles is flexible, and unsigned. If you can improve something, please do so, but don't sign any addition or change.
  • The content of talk pages is fixed (until it's archived), and signed. If you disagree with somebody's comment, feel free to respond to it, but don't alter it. Please sign any message that you add there with four tildes (~~~~); doing so will automatically insert your "signature" (your username and a date stamp).
  • Please click "Show preview" and check that all seems well before clicking "Save page".
  • If you'd like to experiment with markup, please do so in the Sandbox.
  • Mistakes can be fixed later. However, we have to be strict about one matter: copyright. The rules are stringent, and if you're not entirely sure that some material can be added, please don't add it.

I'm looking forward to seeing new material added by you.

Please add the template above to the talk page of a new user by:

  1. Typing there: "{{Subst:Welcome1}}". and saving.
  2. Adding "~~~~" right after the final "added by you.", editing "you can ask me on my talk page" so that it actually links to your own talk page, making any other change so that the result accords with your personal preferences, and saving again.

(Yes, this is all a bit kludgy.)

The template is new, untested, perhaps buggy, and probably could be better rephrased. Use it with care.

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