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This template provide a basic user profile page with options for a displaying a user profile photo from flickr, the user's twitter feed, and the user's flickr photostream. It also includes headers for some basic biographic info. To use it, just copy this into your profile page and fill in the info. If you'd prefer not to use any of the fields, just leave them blank and they'll automatically be removed from the profile.


Template attributes

  • flickrphotoid the numerical id of a flickr photo of yourself (e.g. 4364032988 )
  • modelmayhemid your modelmayhem id (e.g. the name or number of your MM URL following the slash)
  • twittername your twitter name (e.g. 'steevithak')
  • facebookid your facebook id (e.g. the part of your FB vanity URL following the slash)
  • mflensesid your Manual Focus Lenses forum name (e.g. 'steevithak')
  • flickrid your flickr ID (e.g. '8386148@N06' find it here)
  • email your email address (e.g. you@domain.com )